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The Cloud Pod hosts Justin Brodley and Jonathan Baker discuss a variety of hot topics within the world of Cloud computing, including some significant AWS, GCP and Azure expansions and updates coming down the pipeline.

Here’s a recap, an executive summary, the cliff notes on this info packed episode. Enjoy!

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AWS is on a mission to rule the cloud and they don’t care who knows it. The lads discuss the significant AWS release impact of Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus and Cloud Control API. The Amazon hamsters have been busy on their wheels with the additional rollout of VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts (yes, a private cloud), newly integrated Lambda functions on AWS Graviton2 and the addition of cross-cluster replication on Amazon OpenSearch. This has left Justin asking Amazon, “You don’t really understand what going cloud-native means, do you?” (30:47). Terraform has already jumped on the chance to start building off the Cloud Control API release by previewing their own AWS Cloud Control Provider, in typical *ahem* form.

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GCP has theoretically told Azure to watch its back and confirmed a pending fee structure change. The Google Cloud Platform currently receives a 20% share of third-party sales, which is quite generous in comparison to Azure’s 3%. The welcomed change would put GCP in a much more competitive position, fee-wise, and offer much better incentive to partners. The people cried out and Google listened; hello, crypto transparency. The Cloud Pod guys continue to applaud the Google DevOps team members for the introduction of Workflow callbacks and discuss key updates to VMware Engine and related Cloud KMS integrations and improvements.

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Speaking of Azure, if you were on the waitlist for Azure NetApp Files, it’s your lucky day; the company has announced they are discarding the waitlist and accepting more clients to utilize this tool. Justin and Jonathan discuss Azure’s updates to VMware Solutions in detail, including improvements to run commands, placement policies, disk pools and more. Lastly, if you are an Azure Firewall Manager user, you can now manage DDoS Protection Plans on any virtual network. Just what you’ve always wished for.

Lastly, The Cloud Pod hosts would be remiss not to discuss what is potentially the most explosive topic of the week: the unexpected, 6-hour Facebook blackout on October 4, 2021 that left the world asking, “is it just me?”. Facebook and its affiliate apps, including Instagram and Whatsapp, were apparently off the grid for 6+ hours due to an error in command during planned routine maintenance… or so says Facebook. In this episode, Justin, self-proclaimed non-conspiracy theorist, even contemplates whether there may be more behind the curtain of this widespread shutdown than Facebook lets on.

Check out Episode #138 of The Cloud Pod here.

The Cloud Pod Episode #138 is sponsored by Foghorn Consulting and JumpCloud. Full episode, summary and links brought to you by the welcomed 6-hour Facebook outage.

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