Foghorn’s Summer Cloud Optimization Workshops

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Zero-Cost, Confidential Workshops on Security, FinOps, and Container Design Customized for your IT Team

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your cloud consultant on the highway before the statement of work? Get a feel for their engineer’s personalities, professionalism, thought processes, and experience, while gaining valuable cloud optimization knowledge along the way?

Foghorn’s culture of high calibur, best-in-class, cloud engineering aptitude alongside a helpful, professional  and down-to-earth attitude has put the vroom in our engine. We are proud to deliver powerful results for enterprises innovating in the cloud. We are proud that most of our customers become repeat customers.

We want to share our aptitude and attitude and have designed three, info-packed, cloud workshops to give your team a Foghorn test drive. 

Check out our complimentary Summer Cloud Optimization Workshops! We will share our valuable and timely opinions on security, cost optimization and container best practices.

2-Hour Container Orchestration Workshop 

Facilitated by one of Foghorn’s most seasoned container orchestration experts, your team will learn the benefits and drawbacks of the latest application deployment tools. Based on your unique business requirements we will evaluate if Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, and/or Hashi Nomad is the best route for certain workloads as your cloud ecosystem evolves.

2-Hour Security Workshop

Foghorn’s Sr. Cloud Security Engineer, Sara Tumbarella, CISSP will facilitate a hands-on, security workshop with your cloud team. Sara will share her insights from decades of experience in cybersecurity. Topics covered will include compliance in the Cloud, secure workload best practices, shifting left to DevSecOps, and how to scale your security with automation.

2-Hour FinOps Workshop

Foghorn’s cost optimization pros will share latest cost optimization best practices. We will coach your team on how to adequately monitor operating costs, reduce surprise invoices, and better associate spend to applications, projects or teams. By enforcing policies your team can keep infrastructure costs lean and performant.

So whether security, cloud costs or containers are top of your current concerns we want to help and have a deeper conversation about the challenges your organization faces in the cloud. So jump in the driver’s seat and learn from our years on the road with these three valuable and free workshops 

Send us an email to learn more and book your private cloud workshop, fully customized to your business and cloud goals.

These offers are available for a limited time, and are only available for qualifying companies.

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