Foghorn’s FogOps® for Linux on AWS Marketplace

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AWS Customers wishing to optimize their Linux environments can now procure Foghorn’s revolutionary, proprietary cloud engineering service FogOps® directly from the AWS Marketplace.

FogOps® is a skilled team of dedicated DevOps engineers connected to your CloudOps team via slack. We deliver powerful results with expert planning, proven processes and best in class tools. With FogOps® we can have a ChatOps model up in days instead of months. Our certified engineers do the heavy lifting to drive architecture, design, CM, DevOps, Systems Admin and more. This version of FogOps supports Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, and Amazon Linux environments. 

“We are excited to offer FogOps® to even more consumers who want to take advantage of our just-in-time, right size, integrated engineering expertise on AWS,” share Foghorn CTO Peter Roosakos. “Doubly exciting is the fact that AWS customers with EDP (Enterprise Discount Program) agreements can put unused funds towards FogOps® engineering services and realize transformational AWS outcomes while maximizing their EDP.”

Breakdown of the FogOps® offering:

  • You get 3-5 dedicated CloudOps Engineers
  • Our experts work alongside your team
  • 100+ cloud competencies and certs
  • FogSource Code Library access
  • Cloud enablement & innovation velocity
  • Slack-based chat & ticket system
  • Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS and Amazon Linux Environments supported

To discover more about building a cloud infrastructure that can auto-heal, auto-scale, and auto-secure, visit the AWS Marketplace, or feel free to email us directly at

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