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The Cloud Pod’s 100th Episode Recap

If you were to take 1 week of cloud news and boil it down like maple sap, you’d get 37 minutes and 16 seconds of delicious and nutritious Grade A Cloud Pod- Podcast syrup. If you were to further boil this podcast syrup you’d have a 2-minute written recap that is the cloud info sugar cube below.

The Cloud Pod Podcast delivers the latest news from AWS, Azure and GCP.

Here’s a recap of the greatest hits of this week’s cloud news from The Cloud Pod.

  • AWS does not have legal clearance to be the only “AWS” in China. Chinese company Actionsoft aka AWS snagged the “AWS” trademark back in 2002. AWS had to pay an $11.8 fine for damages but is appealing. AWS is still using AWS by saying:  “‘AWS’ is an abbreviation of ‘Amazon Web Services”’ and is not displayed herein as a trademark.” The legality of all of this remains cloudy. 
  • By popular demand from Linux users, GCP added a new tool to mimic the behavior of the tail -f command, which allows users to display the contents of a log file to the console in real time!  
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service launches new management console. “You can now create, edit, view, and delete Amazon ECS services and tasks, and view ECS clusters in fewer simpler steps,” says AWS.
  • Azure introduces a Health Bot, an evolution of the Microsoft Healthcare Bot- with new functionality. 
  • This is not an April Fools gag. Microsoft promises 99.99% uptime for Azure Active Directory from April 1 upping their Service Level Agreement (SLA) from 99.9%!
  • Azure Application Change Analysis has a new UI that is now in public preview. With an optional opt-in, the new UI promises to be an improvement of the previous version, which only showed a limited number of change entries per page and no way to filter out noisy entries such as resources with zero changes.

Make sure to give a listen to episode #100, as the 4 Cloud Stalwarts add color, context, and humor to the news of the week, making everything a little less cloudy!  

And congrats The Cloud Pod for 100 episodes! Well done! Your listeners are all the wiser from your efforts. We look forward to the next 100.

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

The Reinvention of Amazon Bedrock

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