Introducing Story Based Pricing

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At Foghorn, we do tons of engineering work for our clients. That engineering work includes cloud architecture design and validation, building proofs of concept to test technical solutions, as well as provisioning and configuring the infrastructure that runs development, testing, and production environments.  We also write lots of operations automation code, configuration management code, DevOps pipelines, etc. 

Although we often offer fixed price solutions, many of our clients want us to work within their agile development processes. This usually means that we work on an hourly basis. After working with a client and understanding their work and acceptance processes, we gain the confidence in our ability to deliver on time and on budget.  However this still leads down the path of concern about cost certainty. If we are billing hourly, there is no guarantee on total cost. So, either we give our clients cost certainty, or we give them flexibility, right?

I hate compromises. I want my cake, and I want to eat it too. I want to give my clients the flexibility to work in an agile work environment while still bringing cost certainty to their projects.

Today I’d like to introduce Foghorn’s “Story Based Pricing Model”.  Traditionally when we work in an agile environment, our Lead participates in sprint planning and estimates out all of the prioritized work for the sprint.  We are now offering the ability for customers to pay based on those story points instead of actual hours worked.  This allows them to plan out the work to get done this sprint, and ensure the project cost stays within budget, all without sacrificing their agile approach. 

We are super excited about this new option, because not only do our clients get their cake and eat it too, it really allows our senior engineering team to shine.  We see companies time and time again look solely at hourly rates to determine value and believe this is an incomplete criteria at best.  

Foghorn Engineers get the work done faster, with a higher quality that requires less rework. In addition, Foghorn engineers have access to a wealth of previous work and re-usable code modules called FogSource. This all adds up to fewer story points and a lower price. This new pricing model allows our clients to actually see the value they are getting from Foghorn. We are confident that you will find innovating in the cloud with Foghorn to be less expensive than even the cheapest hourly rate vendor.

If you are interested in finding out more about Foghorn’s Story Based Pricing, please reach out!

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