re:Invent 2020- AWS EBS General Purpose Volumes- GP3

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This post is part of a larger series that highlights the greatest hits from AWS’s re:Invent 2020. In each case, we will share the topline details of the release and share our opinion on what the release means to you. 

What: The next-generation general purpose SSD volumes for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). GP3 enables customers to provision performance independent of storage capacity as in GP2.

Background: Amazon introduced general purpose SSD gp2 volumes in 2014 to offer SSD performance at a very low price. GP2 provides an easy and cost-effective way to meet the performance and throughput requirements of many applications clients use such as virtual desktops, medium-sized databases such as SQLServer and OracleDB, and development and testing environments.

Why: With GP3’s release, you can independently increase IOPS and throughput without having to provision additional block storage capacity, paying only for the resources you need. GP3 optimization offers a 20% discount per GB than existing GP2 volumes. With GP2 larger capacity meant faster IOPS, and customers were provisioning more storage capacity than desired to achieve higher performance. 

The Bottom Line: This is a quick fix. If you are a GP2 customer we can optimize your environment for GP3 and save you money today. Reach out.

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