AWS Partner Network Ambassador: Matthew Kohn

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Congratulations to Matthew Kohn, Foghorn’s Boston based Director of Engineering for achieving AWS Ambassador status. Matthew has always risen to the top of the class with his insatiable appetite for knowledge and enthusiastic focus on cloud excellence. This honor further establishes Matthew as an AWS thought leader and puts him in a rarefied breed of only 42 other North American AWS architects.

Matthew Kohn AWS Partner Network Ambassador

In addition to his Ambassador status, Matthew holds over 10 AWS certifications and accreditations. He has been chosen to participate in the AWS Subject Matter Expert program. This coveted program selects industry leaders to help craft questions for both associate and professional level exams. 

As explained by AWS, “the APN Ambassador Program is a community of technical experts in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner community. APN Ambassadors are passionate about sharing their AWS technical expertise through public presentations, open-source projects, and social media. APN Ambassadors possess multiple AWS certifications as well as in-depth AWS knowledge. As APN Consulting Partner representatives, they work closely with AWS Solution Architects to migrate, design, implement and monitor AWS workloads.”

We visited with Matthew to gain his insights on the AWS Ambassador program.

What do AWS Ambassadors do?

“We educate the public about the transformative capabilities of AWS. I was already doing this at Foghorn, so nothing changes in that regard. But I will continue to post on our blog and speak at conferences about the latest AWS advancements, best practices and opportunities for our clients and potential clients to transform on the platform.”

How will this impact your team and clients?

“I’m honored to be an AWS Partner Network Ambassador. It’s a nice validation of my work on AWS and deepens my connections to super smart people in the industry. Our clients have further proof that Foghorn has AWS experts on hand to make their cloud project soar.”

You have worked across verticals across every facet of AWS. What projects do you find most fulfilling?

“That’s a tough one. When a well thought out plan is executed with excellence, that makes me happy. I enjoy running Well-architected Framework reviews. One of the biggest things that we’ve seen lately is everyone’s looking at their bill and looking for ways to cut and they look at their AWS bill. By doing a cost optimization analysis we’ve been able to save clients substantial sums off their monthly AWS bill, to spend 5 hours and realize a $50,000 monthly savings, that’s fulfilling.”

Let Foghorn Assist with your AWS project

AWS Premier Partner Foghorn Consulting was founded in 2008 with a mission to ensure that cloud computing initiatives deliver maximum value for their customers. Foghorn provides domain expertise in strategy, planning, execution, and managed cloud services to high-growth and enterprise companies seeking a cloud partner. Our team of DevOps engineers, SRE’s and certified cloud architects bring industry-leading expertise and experience to deliver on the promise of the cloud.

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