Foghorn Achieves AWS SDP for EC2 for Windows

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I’m happy to share with you that as of June 19th, Foghorn has been accepted into the AWS Service Delivery Program (SDP) for EC2 for Microsoft Windows. In order to achieve this, we had to prove our knowledge, experience, and a track record of delivering successful outcomes for clients on AWS. The validation process was rigorous, and I’m proud of Team Foghorn for this accomplishment.

We only pursue certifications or enter programs that add value for our customers, and the AWS SDP is no exception. Amazon’s SDP for EC2 for Microsoft Windows exists to help companies running Windows based workloads modernize and maximize the value of AWS public cloud infrastructure.

When moving Windows workloads to AWS, we follow Well-Architected best practices. These 5 pillars have been the bedrock of AWS. Using Well-Architected principles is relatively straightforward when building from scratch, but many companies do not have that luxury. While a lift and shift of a legacy Windows workload seems ideal, in reality it is either technically impossible, or an operationally inefficient choice.

Well Architectured Migration Framework

AWS has identified application complexity as a blocker for many Windows workloads needing modernization on EC2. As well, AWS understands that many companies don’t have the skills in-house to execute on that transformational potential. 

As a cure, AWS encourages customers to use well qualified partners like Foghorn. They have created incentives in the Service Delivery Program to inspire modernization. These incentives are valuable resources that subsidize the cost of transformation and migration. Moving a Windows workload to the cloud can be expensive and these funds help. We partner with AWS to help make sure our clients are maximizing the value of these funds.  

Companies who are considering moving a Microsoft Windows based workload to the cloud would be hard pressed to find a reason not to take advantage of these programs. By going through the process of applying to the program, our present and future customers have access to SDP program advantages. We are excited to discuss how this program can add value to any Windows workload move to AWS.

If you have a Microsoft Windows based workload that needs to move to the cloud, or you have a Window workload that needs to be modernized or optimized (even if it’s already in the cloud), please reach out to take advantage of these exciting programs. We’d love to be the partner that you depend on to make this happen. 

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