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Design Principle

We believe that the application should define the infrastructure and not the other way around. The winners of the digital future will create flexible, containerized applications that can move seamlessly between cloud, colo, onprem and the edge to maximize security, performance and ROI.
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Need flexible, on demand space to house your evolving IT stack?

With a portfolio of world class colocation data centers in 11 countries spread across 4 continents, we can grow and shrink with you as your cloud footprint evolves from one generation of the application to the next.

Evoque data center solutions
Connections, yeah we have connections! Cloud onramps, blended IP, and robust carrier neutral connections for flexible, limitless options. Learn more on evoquedcs.com.
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Is your application ready for the next generation?

Multi-Generational Infrastructure: Flexible data solutions, designed for portability, agility and the future.

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Infrastructure Workshop

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Whether current state is in the cloud, in colocation, hybrid, or in on-premise, participants will leave with a roadmap to future state infrastructure architecture:

Review Current State

Identify Potential Gaps

Recommend Roadmap Alternatives

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With collective decades of experience Foghorn engineers have an intimate understanding of the varied strengths of public cloud platforms. Many Foghorn clients have found success connecting to multiple clouds to create a resilient, burstable and flexible ecosystem by leveraging the unique benefits each cloud provider brings to the table. Most monitoring, management, and governance tools that are used in house can be extended to the public cloud.From avoiding vendor lock-in to moving applications closer to customers, the reasons for MultiCloud are as numerous as the possibilities.

Multi Cloud - AWS, Google Cloud, Azure


Foghorn understands compliance and the complexity of legacy applications. After an analysis we often advocate for many workloads to remain in house, on their own private, virtualized servers. Foghorn’s custom designs have brought  cloud automation, self-service provisioning, and the integration of IT management tools to Private Clouds to enable success. With existing hardware investments, Private Cloud can be an attractive option to maximize ROI.

“We rely on Foghorn’s services when achieving a specific due date, and having the work done 100% to spec is an absolute requirement.”