A Resource Guide for Navigating the Cloud


DevSecOps Enablement On AWS.


Best Practices and Advantages of AWS Tools

In Building a Compliant Cloud

In this whitepaper you will find out:
> The benefits of a DevSecOps approach
> Security roles and responsibilities on AWS
> How layered security enhances peace of mind
> How containers are changing incident response
> How states of data impact security posture
> How proprietary AWS security tools are
empowering a DevSecOps revolution
> How to create a CI/CD culture with Security at Core

Founded in 2008 with a mission to ensure that cloud computing initiatives deliver maximum value for its customers. Foghorn provides domain expertise in strategy, planning, execution and managed cloud services to high-growth and enterprise companies seeking a cloud partner. Our team of DevOps engineers, SRE’s and certified cloud architects bring over 20 years of domain expertise to ensure your cloud initiatives are a success.


Whether you are new to AWS or have an existing AWS environment you are
looking to optimize, Foghorn can help. For over 10 years we have delivered outstanding results for clients on AWS. From DevOps in the Cloud to Security in the
Cloud, Foghorn has the talent, experience and credentials to deliver a velocity
of innovation designed to increase performance while optimizing costs