Disney goes Hybrid; Shares Challenges


Ian Murphy recently wrote a great article on Disney’s journey to the Hybrid Cloud. The lightning talk, given by Blake White,  highlighted the issues that many enterprise companies face when adopting some of the latest technologies, like Kubernetes and AWS, and integrating them with their existing on-prem infrastructure.  Although these technologies are well suited for integration, often the heavy lifting has to happen by the enterprise.  Many open source projects are very robust, but their focus is not on enabling integration with existing infrastructure.

The perfect example given in the talk can be found when Blake explains that in order to get the integration that Disney required, they had to build their own bespoke Kubernetes cluster provisioning tool.

Despite these challenges, Disney is forging ahead – a good sign that the value they are receiving makes overcoming the challenges a worthy endeavor. Lesson to learn?  Things worth doing are hard. Don’t let that stop you!